WFNMB 2018

Preliminary program of the ISORBE session:

We are pleased to inform you of some recent developments that occurred during the very successful 12th Congress of the World Federation of Nuclear Medicine and Biology in Melbourne, Australia from April 20-24, 2018. First of all, we would like to congratulate all ISORBE members who travelled to Melbourne for the conference and who held wonderful sessions and presentations!

Next, we would like to congratulate our new ISORBE President, Uday Bhonsle! We wish you lots of success during your time as President!

Thank you to Mike Sathekge for your tireless effort and contribution as ISORBE President for the past 5 years!

Furthermore, we would like to congratulate Edel Noriega being voted into the ISORBE Presidium!

Last but not least, we would like to congratulate Kutlan Özker for being honored with the McAfee award for his outstanding achievements in the field of radiolabeled blood cells and his significant contributions to our society, ISORBE.

ISORBE at the XXVI ALASBIMN Congress in Chile

This is to thank  Dra.Teresa Massardo, the president of the ALASBIMN meeting in Santiago de Chile and in particular the efforts of Prof.Victoria Soroa, our presidium member, that ISORBE was able to get important slots during the recent meeting.

NAI 2017

SASNM 17 th Biennial Congress, 23-25 September 2016 , CSIR PRETORIA

Cooperation with the IAEA – IPET 2015 – Vienna 5-9th October 2015

International Conference on Clinical PET-CT and Molecular Imaging
(IPET 2015 ): PET-CT in the era of multimodality imaging and image-guided therapy

This year’s IPET-2015 (PET–CT in the Era of Multimodality Imaging and Image Guided Therapy) was held in Vienna, Austria, organized by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). The objective of the conference was to review important clinical aspects and uses of medical imaging, namely PET and PET-CT for the spectrum of cancer management, as well as other diseases. This conference is important, as it is a platform for physicians, radiologists, technologists, physicists, radiochemists and radiopharmacists, as well as other scientists to come together and share their knowledge and ideas in this significant field of medicine.

ISORBE was well represented at this year’s IPET with our president giving two presentations and chairing two sessions. In addition, a session on infection and inflammation imaging was very well received, with our president Mike Sathekge providing a lecture on SPECT and PET Imaging in Infection and Inflammation, as well as PET/CT Imaging in Tuberculosis and HIV Tuberculosis. Overall, the conference was a success with intriguing discussions, passing of knowledge, and collaborations being born.

We would like to thank and congratulate the organizers of IPET-2015 on a job well done!

11th WFNMB Congress 2014

We would like to congratulate Dr Enrique Estrade Lobato and the Sociedad Mexicana de Medicina Nuclear who won the bid to host the 11th Congress of the World Federation of Nuclear Medicine and Biology Congress in 2014 in Mexico. Other countries who presented bids were India, Australia and Canada.
In Mexico not only will you enjoy the generous hospitality of an ancient heritage rich in culture, gastronomy, and history, with its paradisiacal beaches, interesting colonial cities, mystical archaeological sites, and the modernity of big cities; you will also find a first-rate infrastructure, 57 international and 28 national airports with connections to every continent and world-class convention and exhibition centers.



President of the Mexican Nuclear Medicine Society, Chairman of the Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging Department of the National Institute of Cancer in Mexico, Chairman of the Nuclear Oncology program at the National University of Mexico. Email: e-mail:


President-elect of the Mexican Nuclear Medicine Society. Chairman of the Nuclear Medicine Department at the Pediatric Hospital of the Mexican Institute of Social Security. E-mail:


Former President of the Mexican  Nuclear Medicine Society. He brought major structural changes to the Mexican Nuclear Medicine Society, transforming it into a modern organization. Email:


Former President of the Mexican Nuclear Medicine Society. He organized the first International Virtual Nuclear Medicine Congress and is one of the top specialists in Mexico. Email:


PRETORIA, SOUTH AFRICA (March 21 – 23, 2013)


Location and Dates: Pretoria, South Africa, March 21 – 23, 2013


Chair: Mike SATHEKGE, Pretoria, South Africa
ISORBE President: Kutlan Ozker, Turkey 
Mathew Thakur, USA; Helmut Sinzinger, Austria; Victoria Soroa, Argentina
Local committee: N Soni, N Mokgoro, N Nyakale, M Vorster

We are pleased to announce the 16th Biannual ISORBE conference which will be held at the Auditorium (Medical School), University of Pretoria, South Africa. The conference will begin at 8:00 am in the morning of Thursday March 21, and will conclude after lunch on Saturday March 23, 2013.
The conference will include many renowned speakers who will to provide state of the art lectures on the future of infection and inflammation and a poster session covering the latest findings across many topics in infection and immunity research. The Posters will be selected from the openly submitted abstracts on the basis of scientific merit and relevance.
We are looking forward to welcoming you in Pretoria to shape the future of infection and inflammation together.

Major Topics:
– Dendritic cells
– Atherosclerosis
– Stem cell and immune development
– Zr89 labelling of Stem Cells and NK Cells
– Tuberculosis
– Diabetes
– Prosthetic joing and infections

International Faculty
Mathew Thakur, Omer Aras, John Buscombe, Christopher Palestro, Alberto Signore, Christophe van de Wiele, Josep Martin-Comin, Kutlan Ozker, Helmut Sinzinger, Alex Maes, Victoria Soroa, Meera Venkatesh, Enrique Estrada, Rudi Dierckx

Local Faculty
Mike Sathekge, Annare Ellmann, Michael Pepper, Anton Stoltz, Willy Vangu, Mariza Vorster, Brenda Mokaleng, Thomas Ebenhan, Sietske Ru

Sponsors of the 16th Isorbe Congress
SASNM (South African Society of Nuclear Medicine)
GE Healthcare (Turkey)
ICMM (Institute for Cellular and Molecular Medicine)
Covidien (South Africa)
IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency)
NTP Radioisotopes (SOC)

16th Congress of International Society of Radiolabeled Blood Elements (ISORBE), 21-23 March 2013, Pretoria, South Africa

This Congress held under the auspices of University of Pretoria, Faculty of Health Sciences Dean Erich Buch, chaired by Mike Sathekge, Head Nuclear Medicine was an unforgettable experience for all who attended as lecturers as well as young physicians and scientists. Lectures covered wide range of updates in infection and inflammation imaging and management, including but not limited to Vascular Graft, Prosthetic Joint, Diabetic Foot, IBD, Neuroinflammation, Sarcoidosis, Tuberculosis, Atherosclerosis, GIT and Apoptosis. There were also lectures on the most recent developments and research on radiolabeled cells including Stem Cells, Dendric Cells, NK Cells and novel techniques such as Ga-68 labeled peptides and Tc-99m-UBI.
In my opinion this congress organization was exceeding all expectations. There are no doubts that this was one of the most successful ISORBE congresses and one of the best meetings I have attended in the recent years. The quality of lectures and presentations were very high quality, there was no presentation that I could categorize as average.  Everyone learned, young physicians and scientists were very fortunate to listen to such exciting lectures and interact with the world known faculty.
This congress also offered a very warm and friendly environment. Social events were very attractive with an exceptional South African hospitality. Mike’s personality was of course the main component for this warm atmosphere. I would like to congratulate Professor Mike Sathekge and the local organizing committee for this outstanding organization. I cannot thank Mike and local organizers enough for their perfection in designing this excellent scientific program and providing their warm hospitality. I am looking forward to working with Mike as the newly elected President of ISORBE.

Kutlan Ozker
Immediate Past President, ISORBE


MINUTES of the ISORBE General Members Assembly

The meeting was scheduled between 16:10 and 16:30 on March 21, 2013. More than than 33% of the members were present (# 15 by-laws)

The meeting was called to order by Kutlan Ozker at 16:15 and adjourned at 16:30 on 21 March 2013.

Helmut Sinzingerhas been asked to draft the minutes.

1. Kutlan Ozker presented his presidential report.

2. The treasurer Helmut Sinzinger presented the financial report. J. Martin-Comin provided a statement that he controlled the finances and found everything in order.

3. Election of Presidium Members: Kutlan Ozker proposed Helmut Sinzinger and Mike Sathekge, Helmut Sinzinger proposed Chris Palestro and Josep Martin-Comin for presidium candidates. All four candidates were unanimously elected by the members.

4. Election of Board Members: Kutlan Ozker proposed Hatice Durak, Uday Bhonsle and Leena Deeb as candidates for the Board of Directors. All three candidates were unanimously elected.

5. 17th ISORBE Congress: The next ISORBE Congress to be chaired by Hatice Durak in Izmir, Turkey was unanimously accepted, details are to be worked out by the chairperson and new presidium.

6. New ISORBE Members: New members from South Africa, Africa, Turkey, Spain, USA and Thailand were welcomed by President Kutlan Ozker.

7. Members Assembly unanimously decided that “Members not paying membership fees for two consecutive years shall be expelled”.

for the protocol: Helmut Sinzinger

MINUTES of the ISORBE Presidium Meeting

present: Victoria Soroa, Helmut Sinzinger, Josep Martin-Comin, Mike Sathekge and Kutlan Özker
The meeting was called to order by Kutlan Ozker at 16:35 and adjourned at 16:45 on 21 March 2013.
Kutlan Özker proposed Mike Sathekge as ISORBE President. Mike Sathekge was unanimously elected as ISORBE President effective 21 March 2013.

for the protocol: Helmut Sinzinger



Porto de Galinhas, Brazil, Sept. 28th – Oct. 1st, 2011
for detailed information see:

In the ALASBIMN MEETING 2011 many ISORBE members were invited as official  speakers  for the Infection/Inflammation Meeting (Dr Christopher PALESTRO, Dr Jose MARTIN-COMIN, Dr Helmut SINZINGER(could not go) & Dra Victoria E. SOROA, among other invited speakers).

Below is the full agenda of the course:
08:30   Comitê de Infecção/Inflamação: Dr. Carlos Anselmi (Brasil) and Dra Victoria Soroa (Argentina)
09:00   Infection/Inflammation Status in Argentina: Victoria Soroa (Argentina)
10:30   PET for Infection: FDG and Other Tracers: Christopher Palestro (USA)
11:00   Radiological Diagnosis of Acute and Chronic Osteomyelitis: Carlos Anselmi (Brazil)
11:30   Scintigraphic Diagnosis of Acute and Chronic Osteomyelitis: Javier Vilar (Uruguay)
14:00   New Tracers for Abdominal Infection and Inflammation: Dr Josep Martin Comin was suggested by Dra Soroa
14:30FDG-PET in the Detection of Vulnerable Atherosclerotic Plaque: Dr Luís Illanes
15:00   Ga-68 PET for Infection: Vijay Kumar (Australia)
15:30   Nuclear Medicine in the Evaluation of Painful Orthopedic Prosthesis: Christopher Palestro (USA)

15th ISORBE Congress – Nijmegen, Netherlands

15th ISORBE Congress – Nijmegen, Netherlands from March 31st to April 2nd, 2011

Congress President: Prof.Dr. Wim OYEN
Organisation: Prof.Dr. Wim Oyen and Prof.Dr. Otto  BOERMAN
Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre
Department of Nuclear Medicine
PO Box 9101; 6500 HB Nijmegen, The Netherlands
 T: +31-24-3614048; F: +31-24-3618942; e-mail:

Congress website:


Lectures by: H. Balink, R. Bennink, M. Bernardo Filho, C. Bleeker-Rovers, O. Boerman, J. Buscombe, M. Chianelli, M. Gotthardt, Ruth Keijers, J. Martin-Comin, M. Netea, W. Oyen, K. Ozker, C. Palestro, N. Prandini, A. Signore, H. Sinzinger, S. Srivastava, Victoria Soroa, M. Thakur, F. Vos, Jolanda de Vries

Participants: Maryam Abu Jarwa, H. Alotaibi, Anne Arens, Marie Claire Attard, J. Baas, H. Balink, Christel Baudin, R. Bennink, M. Mernardo-Filho, Chantal Bleeker-Rovers, O. Boerman, Desiree Bos, W. Bouwman, W. van den Broek, W. van der Bruggen, J. Buscombe, J. Butter, M. Chianelli, L. Claessens-Joost, Sandra Dahm, D. van Dijk, Ingrid Dijkgraaf, J. Disselhorst, Marielle Eikhof, G. Franssen, F. Gemmel, E. Geven, A. Glaudemans, G. Gonzales, M. Gotthardt, P. de Haas, F. Hajos, P. Hebels, Sandra Heskamp, Hana Hourani, A.W.L.C. Huiskes, M. Janssen, Ilse Janssen, Ruth Keijsers, Hilda Kleibergen, J. de Klerk, P. Kok, V. Kumar, M. Larikka, P. Laverman, Susanne Luttje, Julie Martin, J. Martin-Comin, J. Molkenboer, M. Netea, A. Oostdijk, W. Oyen, K. Özker, C. Palestro, H. van der Pol, R. Point. J.W. Postema, N. Prandini, Ruud Ramakers, M. van Riel, A. Signore, H. Sinzinger, F. Sivro, Grazyna Sobal, Victoria Soroa, S. Srivastava, Georga Stamatia, C. Stevens, M. Thakur, Eva Trifina, D. Valk, M. van de Ven, Annibale Versari, F. Vos, Jolanda de Vries, Edith Wesselink, T. Wetzels, A. Xing, M. Zuijdwijk
Congress website:

The meeting was open to all doctors and scientists interested in (molecular) imaging of inflammation

and infection. The meeting will provide lectures on clinical background, radiopharmaceuticals, basic
and clinical imaging studies and imaging possibilities. Additionally, there are sessions scheduled for
the presentation of selected abstracts.

Congress President Wim OYEN welcomes the participants

MINUTES of the ISORBE General Members Assembly, 31st March 2011:

The meeting was scheduled at 04:30 p.m. As less than 33% of the members were present (§ 15 by-laws), the meeting was postponed for 30 minutes. At 05:00 p.m. the president VictoriaSoroa welcomes the members who already paid their fee and is going through the agenda. H. Sinzinger has been asked to draft the minutes. (Delegation: C. Palestro to H. Sinzinger)

1.  Victoria Soroa presented her presidential report, thanking all the ISORBE-members and in particular presidium for their help and support over the last 4 years.

2.  The Treasurer presented the financial report, attendants got a handout-copy. For the auditors, J. Martin-Comin provided a statement that he controlled the finances and found everythin in order.

3.  The § 10 on the number of members of the Presidium was changed to “8 up to 10 members” and approved (concordantly).

4.  Throughout the by-laws “Newsletter” should be exchanged to “News” (approved concordantly).

5.  The offer of Mike Sathekge to organize the forhcoming ISORBE Conferene in 2013 in South Africa was accepted, details are to be worked out by the new presidium.

6.  For the 4 vacant positions for Presidium 4 candidates (were) applied in time and fulfilling the criteria to the by-laws. The candidates are F. Güngör, W. Oyen, Victoria Soroa, K. Özker. Their candidature was concordantly accepted. For the Board of Directors V. Kumar and A. Signore were approved. The other proposed candidates not being members or not having paid ISORBE fee yet were not considered for that position at this time.

7.  Grazyna Sobal was accepted as News Editor, her responsibility being homepage and news.

8. The ISORBE members were expressing their gratitude to the host, Wim Oyen, for organizing an excellent meeting and for his activities for ISORBE.

End of the meeting: 06:05 p.m.
For the protocol: Victoria Soroa and H. Sinzinger
MINUTES of the ISORBE Presidium Meeting, 1st April 2011:
Present: Victoria Soroa, H. Sinzinger, J. Martin-Comin, M. Chianelli, W. Oyen, F. Güngör, K. Özker
The meeting was called to order by Dr. Soroa at 08:30 a.m. (Delegation: C. Palestro to H. Sinzinger)

Kutlan Özker was unanimously elected as ISORBE President.
Fırat Güngör was elected as the secretary of ISORBE.
Helmut Sinzinger was unanimously elected for a further term as the treasurer of ISORBE. Josep Martin-Comin and Mario Bernardo-Filho were unanimously elected as auditors.

The meeting was closed at about 09:00 a.m.
For the protocol: Firat Güngör

ISORBE at WFNMB, Cape Town, Sept. 2010: Plenary Session and CME Session I and II

ISORBE at WFNMB, Cape Town, Sept. 2010: Plenary Session and CME Session I and II

The 10th World Federation of Nuclear Medicine & Biology Congress took place in Cape Town, South Africa from 18 – 23 September 2010. The WFNMB congress 2010 provided attendees with up-to-date information in Nuclear Medicine, as well as an opportunity to interact with Nuclear Medicine experts from around the world. ISORBE was given the responsibility for organizing plenary and continuing education sessions on infection and inflammation that were offered during the Congress. World renowned experts lectured on musculoskeletal and soft tissue infections, AIDS, the role of SPECT/CT and PET/CT in infection and inflammation, and new agents under investigation.

Plenary Session
Wednesday September 22, 2010 (10:00 -11:30)

Inflammation & Infection : Novel Agents and Applications

Moderator: Victoria Soroa Co-Moderator: Mathew Thakur
1. Positron Emitters for Labeling Leukocytes (C. J. Palestro)
2. Gallium 68 (V. Kumar)
3. Molecular Imaging and Therapy of Inflammatory Atheromatous Disease (S. Srivastava)
4. Radiolabeled Vitamins (E. Lazzeri)
5. Molecular Imaging of Autoimmune Diseases (A. Signore)
6. Neutrophil Trafficking (C. J. Palestro)
7. Radiolabeled Stem Cells (M. Thakur)

CME Session I
Tuesday September 21, 2010 (16:15-17:45)

Inflammation & Infection : AIDS, Mycobacterial, Vascular and FUO

Moderator:Christopher J. Palestro Co-Moderator: Alberto Signore
1. Nuclear Medicine & AIDS (30 min) (M. Sathekge)
2. Granulomatous Diseases (Mycobacterial infections & Sarcoid) (20 min) (J. Buscombe)
3. Prosthetic Vascular Graft Infection (20 min) (J. Martin-Comin)
4. Fever of Unknown Origin (20 min) (J. Buscombe)

CME Session II
Wednesday September 22, 2010 (8:00- 9:30)

Inflammation & Infection : Osteomyelitis, IBD and Atherosclerosis

Moderator: Josep Martin-Comin Co-Moderator: Helmut Sinzinger
1. Prosthetic Joint Infection (20 min) (C. J. Palestro)
2. Diabetic Foot Infection (20 min) (A. Signore)
3. Inflammatory Bowel Disease (20 min) (J. Martin-Comin)
4. Atherosclerosis (30 min) (H. Sinzinger)

XXII ALASBIMN Congress, Cartagena, Nov. 2009