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The Mc Afee Medal
The following qualifications are necessary to be eligible for the award:
  1. The candidate must be an active member of ISORBE
  2. The candidate must have demonstrated a long-term commitment to the ideals and mission of ISORBE
  3. Any member can nominate a candidate for the award; however, the nomination must be seconded by
    at lest two additional active ISORBE members
  4. It was agreed that the award (medal and certificate) will be given only at the Biennial Congress, but that
    it is not required that the award must be given at every Congress
  5. At least 6 months before the award is to be presented, the presidium will select the winner by simple
    majority vote

W.  Becker's Travel Award
There are 3 travel grants (of EUR 500 each) for young investigators who will submit an abstract to the
forthcoming ISORBE Meeting in Nijmegen, The Netherlands (March 31 – April 2, 2011)
The Mc Afee Medal:
Prof. Mathew THAKUR (USA)
was awarded in Cartagena, November 2009

W.  Becker's Travel Grant (sponsored by Amersham):
Dr. Khanna PADMAMALIKA (India)
“Tumour uptake for radiolabelled bioconjugates (RB) after external irradiation:
effect on tumour uptake and on serum levels of tumour markers”

Dr. Joseph Mabika BIDINGIJA (India)
“HLA class II distribution in Congolese with hyperthyroidism”
at the 12th ISORBE Meeting in Villigen, Switzerland, September 2005

Dr. Funda AYDIN (Turkey)
“Tc-99m labelled HMPAO white blood cell scintigraphy in pediatric patients”,

Dr.Alejandro FERNANDEZ (Spain)
“PET/CT with 18F-fluorodeoxyglucose in patients with fever of unknown origin”

Dr. Dugygu YOERUEK (Turkey)
at the 14th ISORBE Meeting in Antalya, Turkey, March 2009

ISORBE Young Investigator Award (sponsored by Nycomed-Amersham):
Dr. Alessio ANNOVAZZI (Italy)
“Radiolabeled cytokines for the in-vivo detection of activated T-lymphocytes: in-vitro
and animal studies”
at the 10th ISORBE Meeting in Toronto, Canada, June 2001

Dr. Calogero D’ALESSANDRIA (Italy)
“Use of a 99mTc-labelled anti-TNFa monoclonal antibody in Crohn’s disease and in
rheumatoid arthritis: in-vitro and in-vivo studies”
at the 11th ISORBE Meeting in Coimbra, Portugal, April 2003

Dr. Dimitrios KARDAMAKIS and Evangelia PAPADIMITRIOU (Greece)
“Mechanisms through which x-rays affect angiogenesis in-vivo”.
at the 13th ISORBE Meeting in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, December 2007

Best Poster presentation
Dr. Bianca GUTFILEN (Brazil)
“Scintigraphic detection of myocardins in chronic Chagas patients by Tc-99m-lymphocytes”

Dr. Napoleone PRANDINI (Italy)
“Tc-99m-ciprofoxacin in the imaging of central bone infections”
at the 10th ISORBE Meeting in Toronto, Canada, June 2001

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